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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Several 767-2C's lined up awaiting for military mods to become KC-46A's

The 767-2C's are starting to pile up around Paine Field. Several 767-2C's are lined up on the former RWY 11/29 awaiting their turn at the EMC Military Ramp for military mods to become KC-46A's.

So far 18 767-2C's have rolled of the Final Assembly line and of those 5 have flown to include the first production 767-2C (KC-46A) LN1091. LN1092 is almost ready for it's first flight and is painted on the flight line.

Photo Credit: Woodys Aeroimages


  1. Are the CN's or line numbers of the 5 on 11/29 known, as they are reported to have no markings at all?

    1. I could not locate the line numbers on them when I drove around.